The San Diego Union-Tribune
- Aug 28, 2005

Mr. Gibson goes
to Washington

If the White House thinks you're good, that ain't bad.

Last summer, Jim Gibson, co-owner of Gibson and Gibson Lighting in Chula Vista, and a team of local experts re-created three historic light fixtures that Gibson personally installed in the West Wing in September.

As the refurbishment of the White House continues, Gibson and his team have been asked to serve another term -- they'll be replicating more fixtures for the ongoing West Wing spruce-up. "Doing it the first time was important," Gibson said, "but if a client calls you back, then it's because they think your work is good, and that's great."

Although Gibson is forbidden by the Secret Service to say where's he working, a Washington Post story earlier this month said that this summer's renovations include the replacement of the walnut-and- oak floor in the Oval Office and refinishing the masonry and stucco in the West Colonnade, which leads from the president's quarters to the West Wing, and other projects.

The bulk of that work is being done while the president and first lady are vacationing in Crawford, Texas, but Gibson will be installing the light fixtures in late September when the president is in residence. "He'll definitely be there for my stuff," Gibson said.

Jim Gibson polished the brass tassels for a lighting fixture headed for the White House. Gilbert Meza

This summer's White House commission is similar to last year's when Gibson and his team made hand-blown white glass bowls with brass fittings that hang from the ceiling. Back on board again this year are glass blower Buzz Blodgett of Leucadia; glass mold maker Rose Goehner of Carlsbad; Dean Hunting of San Diego, molded glass maker; Juan Carlos Bulas of San Diego, bronze casting; Lawrence Hughes of Chula Vista, who created the molds for the bronze pieces; and Mike Bellama of Chula Vista, custom suspension system maker.